Word Cloud: President Kovind’s final address to the nation

Ram Nath Kovind, in his farewell address to the nation as President on Sunday, appealed to all to protect the environment for the coming generations.

Mother Nature, he said, is in deep agony and the climate crisis can endanger the very future of this planet. “We must take care of our environment, our land, air and water for the sake of our children.”

“In our daily lives and routine choices, we must be more careful to protect our trees, rivers, seas and mountains as well as all other living beings. As the first citizen, if I have to give one advice to my fellow citizens, it has to be this,” he added.

In his last televised address to the nation on Sunday evening, Kovind said, “The pandemic has underlined the need to further improve the public healthcare infrastructure. I am glad that the government has accorded top priority to this task.

“Once education and healthcare are in place, economic reforms will let citizens find the best course for their lives, he said, adding that “I firmly believe that our country is getting equipped to make the 21st century, the century of India.”  

Full text of President Ram Nath Kovind’s speech in Central Hall.

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