‘Whisper a prayer’: Good samaritan leaves clothes for needy in Kohima

Amid the day to day hustle, an unidentified good samaritan(s) mysteriously left used but reusable items, including clothes of varying sizes, bags and purses etc., on a pavement in Kohima with a simple message – “Pick any and whisper a prayer”.

The phrase “good samaritan”, meaning someone who helps a stranger, derives from the parable told by Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Luke in the Holy Bible. It tells about a traveller who was beaten and left half-dead on a road. A Jewish priest and a Levite who passed by him avoided him but a Samaritan helped the injured man even though he did not know him.

A photograph of the items was posted on a popular social networking platform by a youth who saw the giveaway items lying on the streets. The youth, Chenio N Odyuo, who is the sports ambassador of Aainball Federation of India, said he was returning from a friend’s house on Friday night when he spotted the items laid out on a pavement.

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“It grabbed my attention so I thought why don’t I capture this (with phone camera) and share it on social media for awareness,” he told Hindustan Times. Odyuo posted the pics on different groups on Facebook with the caption “Whoever did this, God bless you”. The post has so far garnered more than 5,000 likes and still counting.

Facebook users reacted enthusiastically to the post. Some are even suggesting to make it a trend to donate reusable items to the needy across different locations to spread goodwill.

“I am touched by the fact that humanity still exists,” commented a user while another said, “It is truly heartwarming to see such an act of kindness towards the needy. May God bless the cheerful giver”. “Now this is what making a difference looks like,” another remarked.

Although Nagaland has the distinction of not having beggars or homeless roaming about the streets in any of its towns, except for the Dimapur railway station area where some beggars could be spotted occasionally, there are, as in any other society, needy people who barely get by. This incident has grabbed the attention of many and is being seen as an apt action with the onset of the festive season.

Christmas season is usually considered as a time of goodwill and cheer.

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