What if Naxalites blast Pragathi Bhavan with dynamite?, says Revanth Reddy

On 6th February, Telangana  Congress president Revanth Reddy, launched his ‘Haath se Haath Jodo’ padayatra from Mulugu district. He launched the padayatra to take forward the message of the recently concluded Bharat Jodo Yatra which was led by Rahul Gandhi, and to highlight the failures of  BRS government. Revanth Reddy started the yatra after offering prayers to tribal goddesses of Sammakka and Saralamma at Medaram in Mulugu district. Revanth Reddy said that padayatra is to dislodge the BRS government from power in state. Telangana  Congress president Revanth Reddy made a controversial statement at public address during his padyatra. 

TCCP chief Revanth Reddy said that poor people will have nothing to lose even if Naxalites blast Pragathi Bhavan. 

He said that Pragati Bhawan, built at a cost of crores of rupees with 110 rooms on 10 acres, is rolling out as a red carpet and welcoming the investors of Andhra. What if Pragati Bhavan has no entry for the poor.. otherwise what..? 

Revanth Reddy  said, “ The Naxalites blast Telangana Chief Minister’ residence Pragathi Bhavan with a bomb. We will have nothing to lose there. We have no relation to Pragathi Bhavan. Like the Naxalites had set blasts in the forts earlier, what if the Naxalites blast Pragathi Bhavan with dynamite? That Pragathi Bhavan is like a fort, there is no entry for the poor.”

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