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Gulmarg receives season’s first snowfall

Date: October 23
Location: Gulmarg

Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir received the season’s first snowfall on October 23.

The maximum and minimum temperatures were recorded at 11.5 and -1.5 degrees Celsius respectively.


Families stuck in snowstorm rescued

Date: October 23
Location: Budgam

The Budgam police rescued four families comprising 16 members of a nomadic community stuck in heavy winds and snowfall from the higher reaches of Nagbal Yousmarg (Salamnak Nagbal) in Budgam district, Jammu and Kashmir, which received heavy snowfall.


Burj Khalifa lights up to celebrate Bathukamma

Date: October 24
Location: Dubai

Bathukamma, the floral festival of Telangana, went global on October 23 as the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, was lit up in colours depicting the festival.


Army conducts parachute training for Bangladesh commandos

Date: October 25
Location: New Delhi

Indian Army commandos from the Army Adventure Wing conducted free fall parachute training for Bangladesh navy commandos on October 25.


Mass marriages in Moradabad portrays religious harmony

Date: October 25
Location: Moradabad

59 couples, both Hindus and Muslims, exchanged wedding vows in the presence of relatives and friends.

The ceremonies were conducted by priests in accordance with the tenets of their respective religions.

These mass marriages not only help establish a bond of communal harmony among the two communities, but also facilitate impoverished sections of society to celebrate marriage in a grand manner.

The Uttar Pradesh government has increased the funds spent on these ceremonies; this year, each bride received Rs 35,000 along with household goods like kitchen utensils, clothes and more worth Rs 10,000.

Around 14 Muslim couples and 45 Hindu couples got hitched on the occassion.


Who is the actor with the white beard?

Date: October 26
Location: Mumbai

Aamir Khan, who will be seen next in Laal Singh Chaddha, debuted a new look last week. The actor was seen with a buzz cut and white beard.

When Aamir took off his mask to pose for pictures, one photographer told him, “Nice look, sir” while another exclaimed, “Arre, waah!


Birds flock to Yamuna park

Date: October 26
Location: New Delhi

Migratory birds are flocking to the Yamuna Biodiversity Park as temperatures turns harsh in Siberia, Europe and China.

Environmentalist Faiyaz Ahmad Khudsar explained how the birds fly to India from Europe and Siberia after the onset of winter.

In recent years, due to climate change and rising pollution, the migration of birds has declined, but the Yamuna Biodiversity Park in Delhi has again emerged as a major destinations for the birds.


Want to visit this restaurant in Vadodara?

Date: October 28
Location: Vadodara

An aircraft-themed restaurant, HighFly, opened in Vadodara on October 27.

The restaurant can accommodate 106 people at a time.

Sensors have been installed in the restaurant just like on a flight to summon the serving staff.

“The restaurant will make you feel like you are travelling in an aircraft,” says M D Mukhi, HighFly‘s owner.


Feature Presentation: Ashish Narsale/Rediff.com

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