‘Victim filed complaint on threat to life in 2013’

Wife and children threatened to kill him, thrashed him, alleges brother

Sandesh Aggarwal, who was allegedly killed by his son Aman had submitted a written complaint to the police regarding a “threat” to his life from his wife and children in 2013, his brother Adesh said on Wednesday.

“Sandesh and his wife Kanchan had had a troubled relationship ever since they got married. The wife and the children used to regularly threaten to kill him. They also used to beat him. In 2013, he had given a written complaint to the police, but nothing happened,” the brother said. He claimed that Sandesh and his son used to fight and go to police station often where the officers would help them reconcile.

Sources said that during interrogation, Aman told investigators that his father used to drink regularly after which he would abuse and thrash them and their mother which was the reason behind the relationship with their father turning bitter.

The police said that Ms. Kanchan, their daughter Sakshi and son Ayush had gone to Manali when the incident happened, but Mr. Adesh suspects their involvement in the crime.

“I think they had all planned it. The three had left for Aman to execute their plan,” he said. The police said that the involvement of the three has not surfaced in the probe so far.

Investigators also said that Aman claimed that the murder was not planned.

He allegedly told the police that since his mother and siblings were away, he had asked his friend Ayush to come to his house on Monday. “On Monday night, Aman said, his father had got drunk and picked up a fight with him. Furious, he strangulated his father. The role of his friend in the murder is being investigated,” said a senior officer.

On Tuesday, he did not open his eatery, the family said. During the day, he brought chopping knives, which he used at the restaurant, to hack his father’s body. He then called his friend at night and asked him to go with him to dispose of the body, the officer said.

Mr. Adesh said that when he had come to check on his brother around 10 p.m., Aman could not give a satisfactory response. He then checked the CCTV camera footage. “I called the police when Aman’s version did not match with what I saw in the CCTV footage. The police had not reached immediately and so I stopped two officers who were passing from the area on a bike. He [Aman] did not let them check his room. His friend was waiting on the ground floor with bags containing my brother’s body, cut into pieces. After personnel from the police station arrived, they caught the duo with the bags,” he said.

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