‘TRS pushed budget surplus State into debt’

First family assets have increased by leaps and bounds, says Bandi Sanjay

Telangana BJP president and MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar on Thursday said he is willing to go with Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao to Delhi and ascertain the facts of Centre’s funds to the State with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“The Centre has given ₹2,52,908 crore to Telangana in the last seven years. Minister K.T. Rama Rao should quit if he has any morals for spreading falsehoods. There is a bid to provoke regional sentiments. If Telangana has been denied legitimate share of funds, why didn’t the TRS MPs raise the issue in the Parliament,” he questioned.

Addressing a press conference on the 20th day of his ‘Maha Sangrama Yatra’ in Kamareddy district, he gave a detailed breakdown of the Centre funding for various social welfare and development schemes. Telangana has been getting ₹1,04,717 crore as its share of taxes and another ₹1.22 lakh crore for welfare schemes. The Centre has allotted ₹40,000 crore for highways development of which ₹21,000 crore was released, another ₹23,491 crore has been earmarked for railways and other projects. The free COVID vaccine being given to those above 18 years is costing about ₹2,700 crore, he said.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar said he had not calculated the amounts being spent on providing national security, civil aviation, space technology, disaster management and the likes.

“I am ready to give these details to the Chief Minister also and if he’s ready, we can take up the issue to the Prime Minister,” he maintained.

If the TRS MPs had sought the same information in the Parliament, the facts would have come out and they would have been thoroughly exposed. The Modi government had also enhanced the States taxes share from 32% to 41% following the recommendations of the Finance Commission. “In Telangana, Hyderabad generates the most revenue, isn’t the government spending money on backward regions for development? Criticising the Centre is bankrupt politics,” he charged.

“The real issue is the TRS Government has pushed a budget surplus State into debt whereas the first family assets have increased by leaps and bounds. I am witnessing the suffering of the people and the opposition to this regime is apparent in my interactions with them,” he said.

About Home Minister Amit Shah public meeting on Friday in Nirmal to commemorate the Telangana Liberation Day, he said, Mr. Shah will reach the meeting venue by a helicopter from Nanded.

The BJP has been consistent in demanding that it should be celebrated officially. The TRS had changed its stance on coming to power, bowing to pressure from the Majlis party, which was against the very formation of Telangana, he said. The BJP chief also criticised the police for not arresting those responsible for the murder of a party worker in Mahabubnagar district.

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