Transgender candidate hopeful of change

Contesting as Independent in Kannur Corporation

K. Sneha, a transgender person, is all set to contest the local body elections as an Independent from ward 36 of the Kannur Corporation.

She sees her candidature as an opportunity to work closely with the people and to improve the situation in their ward. “Candidates representing political parties have ignored the region for long. This prompted me to enter the fray,” says Ms. Sneha, a resident of Samajwadi Colony here.

The ward residents live in unhygienic conditions, she says. The roads are potholed and there is no proper drainage system. Hitherto, the voters had no choice, according to her. “I am in the race to convey the message to the people that they have an alternative and they can rely on me to improve infrastructure in the area.”

After years of social neglect and stigma, she underwent sex reassignment surgery a year ago. “I feel more confident now and I am sure that people will accept me and give me an opportunity to serve them.”

“It is a beginning and my effort to serve people will continue whether I wins or not,” she adds.

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