Traffic chaos at intersection of L.B. Road and M.G. Road

Unauthorised parking of vehicles is a contributing factor

Unauthorised parking lots at the intersection of Mahatma Gandhi Road and Lattice Bridge Road in Adyar are creating traffic chaos. On Mahatma Gandhi Road, a few restaurants are reportedly misusing footpaths as a space for valet parking. Similarly, on Lattice Bridge Road, there are many small-scale eateries that have placed chairs on the footpath for the convenience of their customers. Besides, dustbins and water cans occupy the pedestrian facility. Some eateries have kept their nameboards on the footpath. The vehicles of their customers, including cars, are parked along the road. In this regard, Spark, a civic forum based in Besant Nagar, has made a representation to the Greater Chennai Corporation and the Greater Chennai Traffic Police seeking appropriate measures to curb unauthorised parking of vehicles.

T. D. Babu, founder of Spark, says, “Near the intersection, the vehicles are parked literally till the main carriageway disrupting the movement of vehicles. Here pedestrian safety is also compromised.”

A source from the Greater Chennai Traffic Police says measures will be taken to make the intersection safe.

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