TN CM will take care of Mullaperiyar row with Kerala, says Minister

Cooperation Minister I. Perisami appealed to the public not to believe the statements of “some outfits or political parties who are determined to create confusion”

The Tamil Nadu government had rights over the Mullaperiyar reservoir for 999 years and there was no need for any panic or apprehension, said TN Minister for Cooperation I. Periasami, on Friday.

The Minister, who was in Theni to review rain-related and development work, addressed officials at the Collectorate. District Collector K V Muralidharan presided.

Later, speaking to reporters, he said that the DMK would never give up the rights of the people of Tamil Nadu. “Our Chief Minister M. K. Stalin is very clear about this. Kindly do not believe the statements of some outfits or political parties, who are determined to create confusion. Mr Stalin will take care of the issue with the Kerala government at the appropriate time,” he maintained.

The Supreme Court had clearly given a set of directions. Both the governments, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, followed them, he said and added that the visit of ministers (from the Kerala government) to the Mullaperiyar dam cannot be questioned. The State government would not deviate in any manner from the diktats of the apex court.

The Minister said that some people in the AIADMK were unable to stomach the popularity of Mr. Stalin, who had been praised on social media for performing in a commendable way in handling the rain situation in Chennai. In a bid to divert attention, they indulged in spreading rumours about the Mullaperiyar storage level.

The farmers, Mr. Periasami said, can rest assured that Mr. Stalin would not let them down and would take all efforts to raise the water level to 152 ft ultimately in the interest of the five southern districts. There were issues such as strengthening the Baby Dam, felling trees, rule curve methodology et al. which have to be discussed by both the governments, he said.

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