Tight security for Cheraman masjid

In the wake of a terror alert, the police have directed the authorities of the Cheraman Juma Masjid, Kodungalloor, the oldest mosque in the country, to improve safety measures.

According to a special branch report about a possible terrorist attack, the Kodungalloor police gave a letter to the authorities of the masjid on the need to increase security.

The police have suggested that the number of entrances to the masjid be reduced to two and visitors be allowed entry only through metal dictators.

A cloakroom to keep luggage, women security officers to check women, and increasing the number of guards are among the suggestions.

The police also recommended that vehicles at the parking ground be checked and more lights should be installed there. A police aid post will be set up at the masjid, if needed.

The mahallu committee will discuss the directions of the police.

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