Ticket pricing: Perni Nani and RGV agree to meet

Minister responds to the latter’s tweets over the issue

Minister of I&PR and Cinematography Perni Venkataramaiah (Nani) and film-maker Ram Gopal Varma have agreed to meet and discuss the issue of fixing rates of cinema tickets threadbare across the table.

Mr. Varma had taken to the Twitter on Tuesday and posed a series of questions to Mr. Nani over the issue.

Mr. Nani, in his response on Wednesday, said that “cinema is not an essential product, but theatres are public places that provide entertainment to the people.”

“For the past 66 years, all State governments have been fixing the ticket prices so that the common man’s obsession for films is not taken advantage of,” the Minister said, and added that as per the Cinematography Act, the ticket prices were fixed as per the facilities provided to the consumer.

“What kind of an economy is it to sell a ₹100 ticket for ₹1,000 or ₹2,000? What kind of a market mechanism is it? Is it demand and supply, or black marketing?” Mr. Nani questioned.

“A film is not a product. It is an entertainment service. We are only trying to regulate the admission rates, but not the production of films,” Mr. Nani said.

When Mr. Varma sought an audience with the Minister so that the issues related to the film fraternity could be discussed and resolved, Mr. Nani said a meeting would be arranged soon.

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