Telangana Yuvathi Mandali empowering women

The institution has shaped lives and careers of thousand of women, girls

In October 1935, around the time of Dasara, five women got together at the home of Yellapragada Sitakumari in Malakpet and decided to do something about women empowerment.

More than 86 years later, inside the office of Telangana Yuvathi Mandali, its secretary Nivedita Kumar talks about how the institution has shaped the life and careers of thousand of young women and girls.

Affordable fee

“Ours is a non-profit organisation and we keep fee low so that it remains affordable,” says Ms. Kumar, about Telangana Yuvathi Mandali which now runs a clutch of educational institutions with the newest offering being a Master of Business Administration course.

The organisation got involved with women’s education when it started Sisu Vihar Montessori School in 1955.

A few decades later, in 1995, the Telangana Yuvathi Mandali started a junior college for women with a strength of 35 students and seven teachers.

“We are marking the silver jubilee of the women’s college. We planned to celebrate it last year but due to COVID-19 lockdown, it got postponed. We are planning to have the valedictory function in January. Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu has promised to grace the event,” says Ms. Kumar.

Unexpected challenges

But as the institution with its base in Barkatpura goes about working with women in the marginalised sections and those on the fringe it faces newer and unexpected challenges.

“We are treated like any other for-profit private institute and have to pay commercial rates for everything. The civic administration now wants to cut through our property for road widening,” informs Ms. Kumar pointing to the parking area of the educational institution. While the road from Provident Office onwards is narrow, widening the junction will only create a bottleneck, she says.

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