SHRC takes up case over waterlogged house

Elderly siblings found living in dingy surroundings

The Kerala State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has taken up the case of 69-year-old Prabhakaran and his differently abled brother who live in a house, the courtyard of which is completely waterlogged and filled with garbage.

Acting on a complaint filed by human rights activist K.P. Sathyakrishnan, the commission directed the Kozhikode Revenue Divisional Officer (RDO) and the Kozhikode Corporation Secretary to investigate the complaint and submit a report within 15 days.

Prabhakaran and his brother live in a house that is nearly a century old at East Nadakkavu in Kozhikode on Wayanad Road. The house is situated in a low-lying area. In fact, it happened after multi-storey buildings came up around the house over the years, and water from them drains into Prabhakaran’s courtyard whenever it rains.

Mr. Sathyakrishnan pointed out that Prabhakaran was asthamtic and was partially visually impaired. His wife had died of cancer a few years ago. Ever since the siblings became alone in the house, social workers in the area have been in touch with them, providing all help, including food.

When the courtyard gets filled with water and garbage, Prabhakaran cannot step out of the house, nor social workers can reach him. Moreover, the ill-maintained house may crumble any moment.

Mr. Sathyakrishnan said he had complained to the RDO, but in vain. The Deputy Collector (Disaster Management) had once visited the house but took no action.

In his complaint to the SHRC, Mr. Sathyakrishnan also alleged that the drain from the compound was blocked by two neighbours with the knowledge of a some corporation officials.

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