Serial Actress Lakshmi Vasudevan Latest Glamour show at Beech, Going viral !!

Lakshmi Vasudevan… may not be a big introduction to the current audience. But Sravanti serial artist who was once aired on Gemini TV is immediately remembered. Actress Lakshmi Vasudevan is also the lead actress in many Telugu serials. She hooked everyone up with her emotional acting. Later she reduced the number of Telugu serials and started acting more in Kannada serials.

She has acted in many super hit serials there and is well known. It is no exaggeration to say that there was also a fan following for her. She also started doing this glamour show for a few days. What is the main reason for this? It seems that she is also getting opportunities in movies. She assured the producers that she would not hesitate to do bold roles in movies if needed.

However, the story is short, the character is demanding to be conditional. Even at the age of 40, Lakshmi Vasudevan took out the glamour angle of the email after hearing comments about who sees her as bold. The producers must have been shocked to see her posing for photos at the beach. They should be impressed with the glamour show she did in modern dresses to keep up with the current trend and come running for call sheets. Take a look into it:

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