Sattaiyar dam has water to its brim

The water level in Sattaiyar dam near Palamedu has touched the full reservoir level of 56 mcft. Around 20 cusecs of water has been surplussing from the reservoir since Tuesday.

This is the first time the dam has been overflowing since 2018. With good rainfall reported in catchment areas in the last few days, the level rose up.

The dam has water to a depth of 29 feet.

Though it has around 1,500 acres of ayacut, water could not be released for irrigation due to poor storage.

“It is already late for release of water for irrigation. However, we have sought permission from the State government for water release to fill up 10 system tanks,” said a Public Works Department engineer.

He said the tanks could be provided minimum storage so that it recharged the groundwater table. It would ensure adequate drinking water for residents and cattle during the ensuing summer in several villages including Keelachinnampatti, Errampatti, Sukkampatti, Alagapuri, Muduvarpatti and Ayyur.

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