Sale of star-rated appliances through Discoms on the cards

Consumers can pay for them in instalments along with power bills

To make star-rated home appliances affordable by the public and in turn increase energy efficiency in households, a model of supplying such appliances for low prices with easy payment methods is being planned in the State.

The A.P. State Energy Conservation Mission (APSECM) is currently working on the feasibility and a financial model for such an initiative by the State’s power distribution companies (Discoms).

APSECM Chief Executive Officer and TRANSCO Executive Director A. Chandrasekhar Reddy said that the A.P. Electricity Regulation Commission (APERC) has recently directed distribution companies to examine the model of selling star-rated appliances that largely contribute to energy conservation in collaboration with manufacturers to the public so that they become more affordable and are widely used.

“APSECM, in coordination with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), is preparing a financial model and it will soon be submitted to the government and the APERC,” Mr. Reddy said.

“The use of star-rated appliances in households contributes to energy conservation, and to promote star-rated appliances that consume lesser power, the issue of higher costs should be addressed,” Mr. Reddy added.

He said that as per the model being prepared, Discoms would ensure the availability of star-rated appliances at lower costs from the manufacturers and the consumers would pay for the appliances in instalments along with their power bills.

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