‘Rushed’ charge dogs Delhi master plan hearings again

We are following due process, says DDA

Participants remained unhappy with the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) at its fifth online public hearing on the ‘Draft Master Plan for Delhi — 2041 (MPD-2041)’ on Monday, with most complaining that the hearing continued to be held in a “hasty manner”. Similar concerns were voiced during the previous online hearings on October 25 and 27.

Over 1,400 participants were invited to the online hearing to submit their suggestions and objections to the board. During the online hearing, issues regarding development control norms of “redevelopment of Convenient Shopping Centre (CSC) and Local Shopping Centre (LSC), mixed-use provisions, other activities allowed in residential areas, and redevelopment of industrial plots” were discussed.

Apart from this, issues on the enhancement of floor area ratio (FAR), ground coverage and height of hospitals and educational institutions, permissibility of grocery shops in residential areas were also discussed.

Vishal Ohri, general secretary, LSC Federation of Delhi, said he was not “given ample time” to make his suggestions, a concern which he had raised during the previous online hearings as well. “We were told to wrap up our points in a quick manner, how do we elaborate on our suggestions if we are not given the time? I was told that I will be heard on another date, but no details regarding the date were shared. Why have they (DDA) called so many people if they do not have the time? The logical approach is missing from the DDA’s end,” he added.

Rajiv Kakria, another participant and the convener of the Save Our City campaign, said he was given a different date by the officials to put his points forward.

“I was invited to the meeting unlike the previous occasions. I tried making my points and told them the time given was not sufficient, they (DDA) have given me a date on November 10. They are rushing through because they know that when we speak people get more ideas regarding suggestions and objections to the MPD-2041,” added Mr. Kakria.

Responding to the complaints, a DDA spokesperson said “ample time” was given to the participants and that they “have already submitted written suggestions”. “We are following due process. We are open for more time and if required, we will review the situation after the hearings are completed,” he added.

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