Rohini Sinduri hits out at ‘collusion’ of officer with politicians

She also complains of ‘unnecessary interference’

Outgoing Deputy Commissioner of Mysuru Rohini Sindhuri on Monday said it was “sad and unfortunate” that an officer had ‘colluded’ with a few politicians in the middle of the pandemic to target the Deputy Commissioner, who was responsible for the district’s disaster management situation.

Although she did not name anybody, in view of the developments in Mysuru over the last few days, it was clear that she was holding outgoing Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) Commissioner Shilpa Nag responsible for the act.

Referring to Ms. Nag’s public reactions on her transfer from the post of Deputy Commissioner, Ms. Sindhuri in a statement said “Getting me transferred should never have been the mission. Fighting the pandemic should be”.

Speaking to reporters after visiting the Deputy Commissioner’s office to meet her successor, Bagadi Gautham, she said she sympathised with Ms. Nag’s ‘insecurity.’ “It is wrong to say mission accomplished after removing an officer. It will be difficult to run the system if such things happen in a district or any organisation.”

Ms. Sindhuri also regretted the interference by a few persons. “We should have been allowed to work freely. Unnecessary interference by a few should not have been there.” Despite the criticism coming from these quarters, the outgoing Deputy Commissioner said the officials in the district had performed well as a team. The target was to free Mysuru district of COVID-19 by July 1.

Fielding queries on the speculations over her action against land scams, Ms. Sindhuri said encroachment of government land and lakes take place all over the State and the same is monitored by a State-level committee as well as the High Court. It was upto the officials to act against such encroachment and protect government land.

Ms. Sindhuri also said that she had focused on removal of lake encroachments and acted against creation of residential sites on encroached lake areas. Steps had been taken to protect government land in Kurubarahalli Survey No. 4 involving more than 1,500 acres by engaging a leading lawyer in the Supreme Court.

She refused to answer when asked if the land mafia was behind her transfer. “No comments”, she remarked.

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