‘Resume restoration of Madipakkam lake’

A walkers club in the locality wants discharge of sewage to be checked and a tree-planting exercise to be started

Madipakkam Lake Walkers Club has requested the Water Resources Department (WRD) to start the third phase of the restoration of the Madipakkam lake.

V. Subramani, founder of the Club, says, “Once the lake is restored it will help recharge the groundwater table in Moovarasampet, Madipakkam, and Keezhkattalai. The restoration work, which began a couple of years ago, was suspended due to the pandemic. Now, we request the WRD to resume the work. Under the third phase, a regulator for inlets to monitor and control the quality of water needs to be installed.”

In addition to being a rain-fed waterbody, it receives excess water from Moovarasampet lake through stormwater drains. At present, there are around eight inlets. The inlets drain rainwater from Ayyappa Nagar, Madipakkam.

As part of the first phase, the bunds were strengthened. In the second phase, the lake was desilted, deepened and islands were formed. Further, a walkway around the lake has been laid and benches constructed.

The club points out that measures need to be taken to arrest discharge of sewage into the lake.

“There is no regulator to let in the rainwater and arrest discharge of sewage. Sewage is discharged into the lake through the inlets constructed in the second phase. Besides, a sewage treatment plant has to be established,” says Subramani.

“We have learnt that the Urban Forestry Department has adopted this waterbody as part of its greening exercise. Hence, we suggest the Department plant carry out a tree-planting exercise similar to the one carried out on the premises of Urban Forest Research Station, located behind Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Vandalur.”

The Club has plans to set up a wall with permission from authorities concerned. According to Subramani, the wall would be a symbol of concern for the underprivileged, as people can come there are donate donate clothes, food and toys for the needy.

“Lake View Road around Madipakkam Lake is drawing a good number of walkers in the mornings and evenings. Installation of benches surrounding the lake is quite convenient,” says Subramani.

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