Renewal of recognition remains cumbersome

That the process for applying or renewal of recognition for private schools continues to remain cumbersome is a persistent complaint despite education officials attempting to simplify the process online.

Every school applying for recognition or for its renewal must obtain building stability certificate from local bodies, fire safety certificate and sanitation certificate from the health officials. On submission of these, the building licence (Form D) is issued by the Tahsildar, an education official told The Hindu. Apart from this, details on the land requirement and lease details will also be collected. The renewal is given for a three-year period.

The official said that steps had been taken by the Department of School Education to carry out the renewal process online without having to produce hard copies of the certificates. “The land and lease details will mostly stay constant, hence only the certificates can be uploaded online by the schools to the education officials,” the official said.

However, school sources said that the process has not been simplified yet. Although the renewal period is three years, education officials demand that the fire and sanitation certificates must be renewed every year. Between certificates for stability, fire and sanitary, the respective officials awarding the certificates shift the responsibility among themselves as to who should award the first certificate, making the process further complicated, sources said.

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