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Bad to worse

The condition of the road between Erikadu and Erumaipatti hamlets in Kombai Panchayat on pachaimalai hills which has remained bad for long has turned worse, much to the chagrin of the residents using the back-breaking 1.5 km stretch.

The Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation operates a bus from Thuraiyur Bus Stand to Erikadu via Sempulichampatti, Maruthai and Erumaipatti. Pits and gravel erosion has caused utmost discomfort to two-wheeler riders. It’s time the damaged stretch of road was re-laid for safe transportation.

Saravanan Natesan


Stick to safety

In the midst of summer, it is imperative for people to safeguard themselves from COVID-19 by remaining indoors. For, travel increases chances of contracting and spreading COVID-19. We are still in a spot of bother and need to exercise abundant caution by sticking to the safety procedures. Also, one must take care to consume adequate fluids to build immunity, live in well-ventilated space.

M. A. Aleem



The intention of the government behind imposing fines for not wearing masks – to enforcing safe practices to prevent spread of COVID-19 – is understandable, but hefty fines are being imposed. It would be apt if the government retains one portion of the amount as fine, and supplies masks to those without the protection for the remaining amount. It would prevent a repetition of the offence.

Dimple R. Mohan



In a vast and hugely-populated country like India, wearing of masks and vaccination are the only ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Alongside, all sections of the population need to be involved in the fight against the pandemic. Having instructed people to work from home and students to attend online classes, the government could have extended the same online approach for political campaign. Adaptation to the pandemic situation is inevitable and need of the hour.

Transportation of goods must be permitted in the night hours so as to prevent vehicular traffic during daytime. Politicians, leaders, officials and social groups have to lead by example to prevent the further spread of the pandemic.

A. Meenakshisundari



The steep rise in the number of COVID-19 active cases in the recent past is worrisome.

Yet, the scenario in departmental stores, grocery shops and vegetable joints depict carelessness of the people as not many could be found wearing masks.

The onus is on the business community to make customers wear face masks and maintain social distancing while making purchases.

M. Raja



While the first wave of COVID-19 could be controlled appreciably, a sense of complacency seems to have set in now among people with regard to following safety norms at the time of the second wave. The significance of the adage ‘Better late than never’ has to sink in among people to mitigate severity of the pandemic.

S. Raghavan



The Centre’s decision to prioritise use of oxygen for COVID-19 patients over industrial needs is a step in right direction. But then, any effort to reduce the COVID-19 positive cases will bear fruit only with complete cooperation by the people by way of adhering to safety protocol.

R. Pichumani


Black-topping essential

The outer surface of the road over the railway bridge road at Budalur has turned rough and has a lot of potholes. Motorists struggle to negotiate the pits. Black-topping of the stretch will make the ride safe for motorists.

M. Sheik Abdullah


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