Ram Charan is kind hearted who fulfills wish of a child suffering from cancer

 Telugu heroes are not only on screen. There are many instances where they have proved themselves as real heroes behind the screen. There are heroes in every industry, including our Telugu, who fulfill the wishes of their fans in distress. Recently, Mega Power Star Ram Charan also greeted his fan who is suffering from cancer and filled him with courage.

Once again Ram Charan showed a big heart. A boy named Mani Kaushal has been battling cancer for the past few days. He is a big fan of  Mega Power Star Ram Charan. Through the Make A Wish Foundation, Ram Charan was informed about the condition of the child. Ram Charan came and greeted the child fan who was suffering from a serious illness. The  photo is currently going viral on social media.  Mahadheera Star gave courage to that child who was fighting cancer. He also gave him a gift. Moreover,  RRR star tried to make the child smile for happiness. With the arrival of his favorite hero, that child got a lot of energy. 

As far as Ram Charan’s movies are concerned.Last year he made a name for himself as an actor at the international level with the film RRR. Currently he is working for RC15 under the direction of Shankar. 


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