Pushed by sub-inspector, farmer falls down

The incident was caught on camera


Yadgir police landed in an embarrassing situation after a video being circulated widely on social media shows a sub-inspector attached to Gurmitkal police station pushing a farmer who falls on the ground. The incident occurred on September 28 at a Raita Sampark Kendra (farmers’ contact centre) in Gurmitkal.

Manemma Gaddimani, a farmer from Siddapur (B) village in Gurmitkal taluk, had gone to the Raita Sampark Kendra to buy groundnut seeds to sow for the rabi season. There was a long queue at the Raita Sampark Kendra. PSI Gangamma Bhadrapur was standing at the start of the queue near the entrance of the Kendra.

PSI Gangamma Bhadrapur seems to be telling something to Manemma after which she pushes the farmer who falls on the ground. The incident was caught on camera and shared on social media.

Other people at the spot demanded action against the PSI for her rude behaviour.

On September 29, Superintendent of Police of Yadgir district C.B.Vedamurthy released a video saying ‘it was an accident, and not intentional’.

“The old woman fell accidently when the sub-inspector asked her to get in the queue. However, action will be initiated after an inquiry,” Dr. Vedamurthy said.

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