Proposal to be reworked for parking in private plots

Pre-fabricated structures can be dismantled later

The GHMC is attempting to revive the proposal to invite private plot owners to allow for construction of multi-level parking (MLP) lots in their premises. This time, they are re-designing the proposal to minimise the corporation’s role, so as to make it attractive.

The fresh proposal entails identifying agencies which have the capacity and experience in building MLPs, and facilitating agreements between them and the plot owners interested in giving out the premises.

If more of them are in the fray, the proposal may include empanelling of agencies, for the plot owners to choose from.

GHMC Commissioner D.S. Lokesh Kumar held a meeting with officials where the proposal was thrashed out in detail. The Commissioner instructed officials to prepare a comprehensive report about the methodology in the coming 10 days, after studying the models adopted by other cities such as Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi and also other well-known cities world over.

The idea is to establish MLPs at least in 100 locations across the city, Mr. Lokesh Kumar said, and asked the officials to contact Kuwait-based KGL group which is in the line of the subject in question to gather required documentation. He also asked them to collect RFP from Hyderabad Metro Rail and Traffic Police so that the process may be expedited.

Even after entering an agreement with the agency, ownership rights over the plots will not be impinged, he sought to assure. As the structures are pre-fabricated, they can be dismantled easily when the plot owner desires to develop the land. The parking charges and profit sharing ratios too will be worked out by the agencies in consultation with the plot owners, and GHMC will have no say in it. The corporation’s role will be limited to ensuring adherence to rules and regulations.


The GHMC, however, will undertake the work of developing an integrated app for the benefit of customers using the MLP lots, so that they can get the information of free slots anywhere by a click, or book them in advance. If need be, management of the app too will be handed over to private agencies, by calling for global tenders.

It may be recalled that when a call was given earlier asking private plot owners to register with GHMC for construction of MLPs, it failed to evoke any response. Only three applications were received for the proposal.

Chief City Planner S.Devender Reddy, Additional Commissioners J.Shankaraiah and N.Yadagiri Rao, DCP (Traffic) L.S.Chouhan, and other officials participated in the meeting.

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