Price of tomato drops as arrival improves

Price decreases by ₹20 a kg

With the arrival of tomatoes to the wholesale market improving, the price of tomatoes dropped and was sold between ₹60 and ₹80 a kg on Thursday.

Rain in the production areas of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Talavadi affected the crops leading to drop in arrival to the Nethaji Daily Vegetable and Fruit Market at V.O.C. Park Ground.

Tomatoes that were sold at ₹20 a kg in the last week of October started to increase to ₹ 50 a kg in the second week of November and to ₹100 a kg in the fourth week.

In retail, fine quality tomatoes were sold between ₹110 and ₹130 a kg.

Traders said the arrival of tomatoes increased on Thursday leading to drop in prices.

They said over 3,000 boxes, each weighing 15 kg of tomatoes, arrived, leading to a drop in prices by ₹20 a kg.

Since rain had stopped in Andhra Pradesh and Talavadi, the arrival would increase in the coming days, the traders said.

“The wholesale price of tomato is expected to be under ₹50 a kg in the next month after which the price will start to fall,” they added.

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