Poor compliance with norms forces police to intensify drive

Vehicles seized at picket points taken to police stations

The number of police pickets has been increased in the city and rural areas following poor compliance with lockdown norms by a section of the motorists.

All vehicles, except those for emergency or essential services, will be stopped at picket points for checking as part of intensifying the drive.

Some of the vehicles which were blocked at picket points on Thursday were taken to nearby police stations. Vehicles seized for violation of norms will be released only after the lockdown period.

The total number of such cases registered in Kozhikode city was 338 on Wednesday, which was the highest in the State.

Policemen posted at one of the picket points said some of the motorists were giving silly reasons for roaming around. There were also incidents in which drivers tried to tell lies and escape from legal action, they said.

Officers coordinating enforcement actions said private vehicle owners would be allowed to go only after the submission of the prescribed self-declaration form explaining the purpose of travel, address and other details. Those who do not keep the declaration form would not be allowed to resume their journey, they said.

Road passes

According to officials, road passes too would be made mandatory for those in need of daily travel by private vehicles. The national Informatics Centre would soon come up with an online service to apply for such road passes, officials said.

They also warned youths who were found on roads in the name of charity work without the authorisation of the district administration. Vehicles used for charitable purposes would be allowed to proceed only on production of certificates issued by local body secretaries concerned. For inter-district or inter-State travel, the certificate issued by the District-level Transportation Committee should be produced, they said.

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