Poll staff trek 7 km. to set up booths in tribal hamlet

The lack of roads did not deter polling personnel from ensuring their democratic right of voters in a tribal hamlet here.

Kellur and Kedamalai are the only two inaccessible polling booths in the district where polling personnel have to trek through a rough terrain for ensuring the exercise of democratic right by about thousand voters. According to election officials, two polling booths would be set up in the hill terrain, at Kedamalai and Kellur here.

In Kedamalai polling booth, there are 167 male and 155 women voters. At Kellur, there are 452 male voters and 447 women voters. District Collector K. Megraj said that hill booths have been considered as a separate zone.

About 24 polling personnel, including police have been deployed to the polling booths. The polling personnel carried the poll materials and voting units as head loads and trekked through the hills for about 7 km. for setting up the booths here.

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