Plus One transfer allotment list published

As many as 43,297 applicants got school/combination transfer when transfer allotment for Plus One admission was published on Tuesday afternoon.

The total number of applications received for school/combination transfer to 37,530 seats was 63,023. Of these, 43,297 applicants got transfer allotment. While 8,642 got course change in the same school, 19,822 got transfers to better schools and better courses, and 14,833 got school transfer without course change.

The maximum number of applicants who got school/combination transfer was in Malappuram – 5,854. Thrissur was next with 4,356 applications. The least was in Pathanamthitta – 1,019.

While 4,331 applicants got transfer allotment in Kozhikode, Ernakulam district had 4,035 applicants who got transfer.

The transfer allotment list was published on Monday night, but had to be withdrawn owing to failure to take into account the Little KITEs bonus points. The list was published anew on Tuesday afternoon.

The transfer admission that was to begin on Tuesday morning will now begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

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