People seek service of volunteers at Erode Collectorate to write petitions

In the absence of volunteers to write petitions at the Collectorate, people are forced to depend on a few writers on Perundurai Road.

People submit petitions to the district administration during the grievances redress meeting held at the Collectorate on Mondays. Due to COVID-19, the meeting was cancelled for many months now and people have been asked to drop their petitions at a box kept on the Collectorate premises. Earlier, volunteers at the Collectorate entrance helped people write petitions for a nominal charge of ₹ 10 or ₹20. After the meetings were cancelled, volunteers stopped coming and the people were forced to depend on a few persons sitting outside the Collectorate. The petitioners have to spend more than an hour for their turn to get the petitions drafted. Also, as the writers sit under the shade of trees outside the Collectorate, the petitioners have to wait on the busy Perundurai Road.

The petitioners have sought the service of one or two volunteers on the Collectorate premises to draft petitions, at least on Mondays.

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