‘People are tired of corruption, maladministration’

Su. Venkatesan says it is time to show AIADMK the doors

Electing a candidate like P.T.R. Palanivel Thiagarajan (DMK) to the Legislative Assembly would be a privilege not only to the electorate of Madurai Central constituency but to the entire Madurai district, said CPI (M) MP Su. Venkatesan here on Sunday.

Seeking votes for the DMK candidate, he said that the people were tired of corruption and maladministration in the AIADMK government for the last 10 years. Time had come to show the party the doors, he added.

Mr. Venkatesan said that election surveys showed that the DMK combine would sweep the Assembly election. Hence, the victory of candidates like Mr. Thiagarajan was assured. However, the people of the constituency should ensure that the DMK candidate stood on top of the scoreboard by polling the highest number of votes in the 234 constituencies, he said.

The AIADMK, he said, had pledged the rights of the people over the decade. The BJP did not treat the Tamils fairly and attempted to capture power through the back door. “The DMK combine has to bring back the sheen to the Tamils,” Mr. Venkatesan said, adding to achieve this goal, the people had the responsibility of ensuring a comfortable victory for the candidates of the secular front.

Tamil Nadu had not witnessed any development. The AIADMK Ministers had been seeking votes by stating that they were like orphans as they had lost their Amma (Jayalalithaa). “Is this the way to seek votes?,” asked the MP.

There was no development in the State. Hence, the AIADMK Ministers, who behaved like comedians, should be defeated. The new government under the leadership of Mr. Stalin would put the State on a different pedestal, he said.

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