Pathan is Collecting crores with the average talk! 300cr in 3 days!

In recent times, none of the films coming in Bollywood are getting a big workout. Movies starring Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar, and Hrithik Roshan have also turned out to be disasters. There are rumors that Bollywood has failed because of this and recovery will be difficult. Shah Rukh Khan said that the situation of ‘Pathan’ will also be like this. There was also a campaign against this movie. But this negative publicity did not cause any damage to ‘Pathan’.

The trailer of this movie was liked by Shahrukh fans as well as action lovers. The movie got good hype for other reasons as well. If you look at the advance bookings trend, it is certain that this movie will be a huge box office hit. As per the expectations, this movie is jumping in terms of collections from the day of its release. The movie has crossed Rs.100 crore collections worldwide on the first day. Later in two days, it jumped further.

It looted Rs.300 crore gross in three days. While ‘Pathan’ has collected Rs.200 crores in India alone, overseas collections have crossed Rs.110 crores. It is expected that the collections will pick up more over the weekend. Either way, this film is sure to touch the Rs 500 crore mark in five days.

Today, when it is difficult for big films in Bollywood to collect five hundred crores in the long run, Shahrukh Khan starrer ‘Pathan’ has achieved that feat in just five days. This movie is getting collections in this range with average talk… If it had hit talk, it would have been different.

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