Parents detained for staging ‘sweeping’ protest against payment of school fees

Basaveshwara Nagar police on Tuesday detained several parents of a private school for staging a novel form of protest and sweeping the road in front of Minister of Primary & Secondary Education Suresh Kumar’s house. The aim of the protest was to draw his attention to the issue of payment of fees.

This is one of many recent protests organised by parents against private school managements for allegedly forcing them to pay fees, failing which their children would not be allowed to sit for online classes.

“We barricaded the area as soon as protesters gathered to sweep the roads,” said a police officer. “They had not obtained prior permission to stage the protest and so we detained them to prevent a law and order problem.”

However, lawyer B T Venkatesh, who supported the cause argued that sweeping the road should not require permission from the police.

Parents are angry with the government for not taking a firm stand on the issue of fees and taking schools to task. “Many families are facing financial problems, and some have even lost their jobs. The government instead of supporting students is taking a neutral stand,” said a protesting parent.

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