Panel orders mobile phone manufacturer to pay compensation to buyer

The Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission Ernakulam has ordered that the manufacturer of a mobile phone should pay the cost of the phone, compensation and court expenses to the buyer who filed a complaint that the phone that went dysfunctional and was serviced during the warranty period could not be used.

Chairman of the disputes redressal forum D.B. Binu and members Vaikom Ramachandran and T.N. Sreevidya ordered that the phone manufacturer should pay ₹11,300 as the cost of the phone, ₹6,000 as compensation and ₹2,000 in expenses towards legal procedures, said a communication here.

The complainant, V.A. Jayakumar, listed the phone manufacturer and its agency in Kochi as the accused in the case. The complaint was that the phone went dysfunctional during the warranty period and it could not be repaired for reuse. The demand from the complainant was that since the phone went dysfunctional during the warranty period, a new phone should be given to him.

The redressal forum order is that the cost of the mobile phone, compensation and expenses towards court procedures should be paid within 30 days, the communication added.

The phone was purchased in October 2018 and it was reported to be dysfunctional by September 2019. However, the service provider refused to cover the particular defect of the phone, which was not consumer-induced, under the warranty.

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