Owaisi : Who is Mohan Bhagwat to give Muslims permission to live in India?

MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said: Who is Mohan Bhagwat to give Muslims permission to live in India or follow our faith? We are  Indians because Allah willed it. How dare he put  the conditions on our citizenship?  Who is  Mohan Bhagwat to tell us how we should practice our faith? We’ve always spoken about equality. Bhagwat thinks his ideology is supreme. He said that the Hindus have fought a war for 1000 yrs. But since eight yrs their ‘swayamsevak’ is PM, why is not the war ending?

Asaduddin Owaisi  responded to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s statements  and he  termed the usages of phrases like ‘internal enemies’ and ‘state of war’ as nothing but part of ‘hate-speech’ against  community.

Owaisi  said RSS chief did not give any unity message. He is inciting with war reference. Who is he to give permission to the Muslims on how to practice religion? Why is RSS so scared of India’s diversity & pluralism. RSS doesn’t believe in the constitutional equality. RSS knows that burning issue is unemployment  and the  price rise, so they want to divert people’s attention from these issues and  hence are giving such statements. They don’t talk about internal threats:

Recently during an interview Mohan Bhagwat  had said, “All those who live in India,whether a Muslim, a Hindu or Communist, must give up the supremacist logic.”

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