Olympic boxing qualification event cancelled

A global boxing qualifying tournament for the Tokyo Olympics has been cancelled and an European event has been postponed from April to June.

The International Olympic Committee said on Tuesday plans were changed because of “current challenges to international travel and related restrictions in many countries” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Boxers worldwide were to compete for 53 places in the Tokyo line-up at a tournament in Paris in June. Those places will now be allocated equally across continents by World rankings based on results since 2017, the IOC said.

Olympic entries from Africa and the Asia-Oceania region will now be allocated by rankings while boxers in the Americas and Europe can still earn qualifying places in the ring.

An Americas tournament is scheduled for May 10-16 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the European qualifiers should be in June at a venue to be decided.

The European event began in London last March then was stopped after three of 11 scheduled days when the pandemic was declared. London was to have hosted the postponed event this April.

An IOC-appointed panel is organising the Tokyo boxing tournaments after recognition of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) was suspended over governance and finance issues.

There will be eight men’s weight classes and five women’s weight classes at the Tokyo Olympics, which is set to open on July 23.

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