Nigerian national held for cocaine possession

He planned to sell it in Puducherry

A 46-year-old Nigerian national was arrested by the police on charges of possessing 55 g of cocaine in Thiruvanmiyur on Saturday.

According to the police, Alif Oluwasun Ibrahim came to the Thiruvanmiyur bus terminus to board a bus to Puducherry.

He was carrying 55 sachets of cocaine that he was planning to sell there. He was nabbed based on a tip-off.

Inquiries revealed that he visited Pune from Nigeria and purchased cocaine in bulk. After that, he travelled by bus from and to Chennai to avoid detection. Once in the city, he contacted customers, who placed orders in advance, and sold the drug for ₹10,000 per gram.

After concluding the sale, he would head back to Nigeria at the earliest.

This time, he was planning to fly back on Sunday after selling the cocaine in Puducherry. The police said he had come to India before the lockdown.

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