New DU V-C takes charge, promises inclusive approach

Professor Yogesh Singh took charge as the Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University on Friday and said that he would take all stakeholders of the university into account while charting the way forward for the university.

Mr. Singh said it would be premature to comment on the admission policy of the university that some groups are protesting against as he had just stepped in and was yet to meet the students and the faculty. “If some reforms are needed in the policy, I will take suggestions from deans and pincipals of vari- ous colleges and students to arrive at it. We are open to all suggestions and will bring about changes if needed.”

On the issue of recruitment, the Vice-Chancellor said he believes it has to be a continuous process and is one of the most important roles of a vice-chancellor. He said he would work with the constituent colleges of the university and ensure that the mandated student-teacher ratio is maintained.

Asked when the Campus would reopen fully, Mr. Singh said there was a need to tread carefully as many people had had a bad experience during the first and second waves of COVID-19 and the university did not want to put the life of students at risk. However, he said that the campus will have to be opened soon and a decision would be taken at the earliest.

Mr. Singh was the Vice-Chancellor of Delhi Technological University before taking charge at DU. He has earlier served at M.S. University, Baroda, as the Vice-Chancellor.

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