New COVID-19 control room with state-of-the-art facilities opens

Collector V. Vishnu inaugurated the renovated COVID-19 control room with state-of-the-art communication facilities on the Collectorate premises here on Friday.

According to Mr. Vishnu, the control room had been renovated and equipped with high-speed internet facility to transmit data, videos and photos immediately to Chennai and share it with other frontline health workers as the number of cases was going up everyday. Since most of the new patients were from Tirunelveli, the data being compiled everyday would be of great help to doctors and others in treating the patients and their contacts.

Moreover, a new website has been created for uploading the details about the patients so that the officials concerned could have access to the data from anywhere in the State.

“If a data about a COVID-19 patient is updated online on the website, the health workers can access it to understand the health condition and the treatment in no time. Moreover, the frontline health workers attending the patients will update the patients’ condition, travel history, details about persons who were in touch with the patient, line of treatment etc. so that all steps to be taken medically can be decided within no time,” said Mr. Vishnu.

Another advantage of the facility was that those who were in contact with the patient could be quarantined at their houses and they could be monitored from the control room for the next 14 days. The personnel manning the control room would contact the quarantined family members to inquire about their health status, the medicines they were taking and other details which would also be updated.

“So, the control room will now have all details about the patient and the family members, their health status, the medicines prescribed and the medicines they are taking, the progress, the action to be taken in the areas where they have been quarantined etc. Besides managing the patients and their close contacts, we can decide on the action to be taken to prevent further spread of the virus,” Mr. Vishnu said.

Sub-Collector, Cheranmahadevi, Pratik Tayal, Commissioner for Disciplinary Proceedings M. Suganya, Deputy Collector (Training) Anita, NIC officials Devarajan and Arumuganainar and others were present.

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