‘MSMEs, retailers need to adapt to home delivery’

‘Demand for consumer goods to go up’

Micro, small and medium enterprises and retailers need to adapt to the home delivery model at the earliest to leverage the anticipated pent up demand for consumer goods over the next three months, according to a survey by LocalCircles.

A majority of 66% respondents said their top criteria for deciding the mode of buying will be contactless home delivery and adherence to social distancing over the next three months. About 13% voted for convenience, 3% for price, 15% for supporting small businesses and 1% for ‘other’ reasons.

“The survey received more than 40,000 responses from citizens residing in 303 districts of India,” LocalCircles said. The survey added that one in three households would need to purchase a gadget.

On the must-have products they needed as households in the next three months, 33% respondents said they required equipment such as laptop and mobiles for work from home or other activities, 23% wanted appliances such as ACs, coolers, fans and whitegoods and 22% needed home appliances, bedding and furnishings.

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