Monal Gajjar in the danger zone this week

Bigg Boss Season 4 is one of the highest-rated TRP shows in Telugu TV history. Season 4 is the best among the other seasons when it comes to TRP ratings. The show is currently in the sixth week and as many as 9 contestants are nominated for elimination this week.

In total so far, 5 contestants have been eliminated. Surya Kiran, Karate Kalyani, Devi Nagavalli, Swathi Deekshit, Sujatha have been nominated. This week the 9 nominated contestants are Abhijeet, Akhil, Monal, Divi, Lasya, Kumar Sai, Ariana, Noel, and Harika are in the nominations.

Going by the trends this week, Monal Gajjar might be eliminated. However, danger bells are on for Noel and Ariana as well.

As per the remaining contestants, they might be safe this week. We have to wait and see what will happen this week.

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