Modi has failed to control pandemic: Alagiri

The seven years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rule has caused only immense hardships to the people of the country, Tamil Nadu Congress Committee president K.S. Alagiri said on Tuesday. He added that Mr. Modi must take responsibility for the death of more than three lakh people due to COVID-19.

In a statement, Mr. Alagiri charged that thousands of people were dying in the country every day due to Mr. Modi’s vaccine policy that gave permission only to two companies to manufacture the COVID-19 vaccines when it was important to protect the 136 crore citizens of the country.

“India is a global power in nuclear power, but now is unable to even manufacture enough vaccines to protect its citizens. It was the public sector vaccine manufacturing units that had mass produced vaccines all these decades to protect people’s lives,” he said.

Mr. Alagiri claimed Mr. Modi had failed in all parameters and sectors in these seven years and has “miserably failed” in saving people’s lives from the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also criticised the Prime Minister for the historically unprecedented rise in fuel prices. The Centre had raised taxes on fuel putting people’s livelihood into a question mark. According to him, the Prime Minister did not seem to be bothered about the decline in GDP or the massive job losses faced by the people of the country.

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