Meet of model code monitoring cell today

The first meeting of the monitoring cell set up to address complaints and clear doubts related to the model code of conduct for the local body elections will be held on Wednesday.

District Collector Navjot Khosa will preside over the meeting, to be held at 4.30 p.m.

The Collector chairs the monitoring committee, and Panchayat deputy director Thresiamma Antony is the convener.

District Police Chief (Thiruvananthapuram Rural) B. Ashokan, Deputy Collector (Election) John V. Samuel and district information officer G. Binsilal are its members.

The committee will take decisions on complaints related to the model code of conduct and take action against the guilty. It will also recommend areas where the intervention of the State Election Commission will be required, an order says.

Doubts of political party representatives, officials, and public in the district about the code of conduct will also be cleared by the committee.

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