Maradu flat sites to be handed over to demolition agencies on October 11

Demolition to take a short time; people in neighbourhood to be shifted out

The sites of the four Maradu apartment complexes, ordered by the Supreme Court to be demolished, will be handed over to the agencies selected for demolition operations by October 11, said Snehil Kumar Singh, Sub Collector, Fort Kochi, who also holds additional charge of Secretary of Maradu municipality.

He added that a technical committee had been constituted, which had evaluated the bids.

The agencies for demolition operations will be selected in two to three days. It is learnt that the technical committee and Maradu municipal authorities had detailed discussions with representatives of the agencies on Saturday.

Mr. Singh said the demolition would take just a brief time, while people living within 200-metre radius may have to be shifted out for one to two hours.

A senior official of the Local Self Government Department said the decision on selection of companies for demolition operations could be finalised by the technical committee so that the work could be started on October 11 itself.

Meanwhile, most residents of the apartment complexes have shifted out. A resident of H2O Holy Faith said there were just 10 families who were yet to shift. Some have already had their possessions packed and despatched.

Meanwhile, the Revenue Department will take over more than 40 apartments whose owners have not been located. The department, however, will make efforts to locate the owners.

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