Man gets life imprisonment for murdering colleague

A local court awarded life imprisonment to a 33-year-old man for murdering his colleague.

Mukunda Randhari from Binjilli in Odisha, who was a centering worker at a construction site at Budda Nagar, murdered his colleague Jayaram, also from Odisha.

According to the police, the duo’s employer P. Sudhakar had given Jayaram ₹14,000 to meet his needs due to the lockdown, even as he instructed him to give Mukunda his share of money. However, the victim used the entire amount for his needs.

This enraged Mukunda who picked up a fight with the victim and hit him on his head with an iron rod on May 8, 2020. Jayaram was moved to OGH but died the next day. XIII ADJ Court Judge M. Srinivasa Charry sentenced Mukunda to life and imposed a fine of ₹1,000.

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