Lt. Governor refutes allegations against her office

Raj Nivas fully sanitised for Minister of State G. Kishan Reddy’s visit: Bedi

Refuting allegations made against her office by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Chief Minister K. Lakshminarayanan on COVID-19 protocol violation, Lt. Governor Kiran Bedi on Tuesday said Raj Nivas had been fully sanitised for Minister of State for Home Affairs G. Kishan Reddy’s visit.

Mr. Lakshminarayanan had questioned Ms. Bedi’s decision to personally welcome Mr. Reddy at Raj Nivas on Sunday after a member of her media team tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

“These allegations are a daily feature of false repetitions misinformation and lies, concerning the functioning of the Lt. Governor’s office. Wish to inform that the Raj Nivas was fully sanitised for the Minister’s visit. The MoS came to a safe, clean and functioning office,” Ms. Bedi said in a message to reporters.

On the issue of financial and policy making powers of her office, the Lt. Governor said the “laws, rules and responsibilities have been upheld by the Supreme Court and the High Court.”

The Lt. Governor’s Office was fully conscious of the fact that her decisions are open to financial scrutiny and CAG audit, she said.

“The Lt. Governor enjoys no legal immunity. The office shall not do anything which violates the well laid down rules and regulations. The government of the day is aware of this. However, if it chooses to misinform and give distorted information to the people it is truly unfortunate,” she said.

The people of the Union Territory very well know that the Lt. Governor will not do anything illegal, Ms. Bedi said.

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