Looking to make your skin glow, Use these 3 available home ingredients to do so

Everyone should take care of their skin to look fair especially in winter, to avoid the rashes appeared on it. Probably, it requires more patience and efforts. Almost all of the people, mainly girls prefer skincare products which are available in the market that costs expensive. They blindly believe that those are the only sources to get rid of acne or rashes on their skin.

But, if you understand that those are only temporary sources to get relief, then follow these ingredients to gain a glowing skin, recommended by the beauty expert Aashna Kapoor posted on her Instagram page.

Coconut Oil, Honey and Vitamin E oil are the 3 ingredients that are available at your home and you can get them easily at your hand.

Also, have a glance on how to apply them to your skin :

Mix these three ingredients equally and store for some time. After, apply the prepared amalgamation using cotton balls or some piece of cotton either.

Do this procedure on alternative days. You can surely observe the difference before and after the appliance of the mixture on the skin.

But one exception, people having oily skin should not use honey, so that, other two ingredients are sufficient for their skin to glow.

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