Korean Consulate, Srinivasan trust distribute medical kits to PHCs

National Foundation Day of Korea observed with community connect

The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Chennai and Srinivasan Services Trust, the social service arm of TVS Motor Company, distributed 4,000 medical kits to primary health centres and government schools across south Indian States in commemoration with National Foundation Day.

The initiative is aimed at reinforcing the significance of hygiene to ensure the safety of teachers, children and parents in local communities.

While 450 kits comprising thermometer, handwash and sanitiser were provided to primary health centres, nearly 3,550 kits were provided to government schools and anganwadis in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Every year, Consul-General of the Republic of Korea and Venu Srinivasan, Chairman, TVS Motor Company, and Managing Trustee, Srinivasan Services Trust, and Goodwill Envoy for Culture and Diplomacy of the Republic of Korea, host an event to commemorate the National Foundation Day of Korea.

Social intervention

However, this year it was replaced with a community connect initiative due to the ongoing pandemic.

InKo Centre, the Indo-Korean Cultural and Information Centre, started social interventions to contribute towards the health of local communities.

Young-seup Kwon, Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Chennai, said: “We can overcome COVID-19 and economic recession if we stand strong and work together… Korean companies have donated money and medical materials to help India to overcome the coronavirus. This is meaningful, considering that India helped during the Korean war by despatching medical units.”

In his special message, Mr. Srinivasan said they were committed to the sustainable development of local communities across the country. Srinivasan Services Trust focused on helping villages develop holistically and worked at the grassroots level to improve the quality of people’s lives.

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