Kerala HC orders extension of interim orders, bails till May 31

‘If lockdown period is extended, interim bail will continue till then’

A full Bench of the Kerala High Court has ordered that all the interim orders passed by all the courts and tribunals in the State which are due to expire during the lockdown period, be extended up to May 31, 2021.

The court also extended till May 31 the interim bails, including the ones granted to undertrial/remanded prisoners incarcerated in the jails, in connection with offences fetching seven years or less punishment.

The court also directed the sessions judges in the State to consider the bail applications of undertrial prisoners who did not come under above category, filed through e-mail and dispose of them through videoconferencing, after hearing the advocate concerned and the public prosecutor.

Within three days

The court also ordered that in case the lockdown period was extended beyond May 31, the interim bails granted would continue till such extended period. On expiry of the period of interim bails, the released prisoner shall appear before the jurisdictional court within three days. On such appearance, the court shall consider his/her application for bail and shall pass appropriate orders, taking note of all circumstances.

The court also extended till May 31 the orders of bail and anticipatory bail granted by the High Court for a restricted period which may expire during the lockdown period.

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