JMSR’s special issue on COVID-19

Journal of Medical and Scientific Research (JMSR) has come out with a special issue on COVID-19. Doctors from various hospitals in the country and from various specialities, including molecular biology, radio diagnosis, medical oncology, microbiology, and others have contributed their research, and reviewed work, in the special issue. JMSR is an open access, peer-reviewed international and indexed journal.

A few original research papers published in the journal include ‘Extra pulmnoary manifestations of COVID-19 pneumonia-An institutional experience’ and ‘A comparative study: Results of rapid antigen detection assay and real time RT-PCR for diagnosis of COVID-19 in a tertiary care hospital’.

One of the editorial topics is ‘A physics-based mathematical model to understand the aerosol transmission risk of COVID-19’ by Kiran Bhagnagar, associate professor in the department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas.

JMSR editor-in-chief, B. Hygriv Rao, who is a senior consultant cardiologist at KIMS Hospitals, said that when a doctor reads the journal, he/she will get an idea about what is contemporary in COVID-19 research at the time of the journal’s publication. It can be accessed at

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