Jagan Gives 300 Percent Salary Hike

After the pension hike, the YSRCP government has another good news. The Asha workers who were getting paid Rs 3000 per month, will now get Rs 10,000 as the government has hiked their pay by 300 percent. On Monday CM YS Jagan held a review on Health department. He directed officials to improve the sector from grass-root level and also come up with initiatives that can benefit the poor.

In order to bring revolutionary changes in the health sector, Jagan has initiated for a committee that would study all the possibilities of improving the services especially in government hospitals. Government’s special secretary PV Ramesh will lead the committee and it will 45 days time to submit the report to the CM.

Earlier in the day, Jagan has ordered for change of ‘NTR Vaidya Seva’ scheme as ‘YSR Arogya Sri’ and followed by pay rise.

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